Silku Silk Pillow Case

$19.97 $39.99

It's time to ditch your bacteria infested cotton pillowcase!

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Ditch cotton and switch to a pillowcase with actual benefits!

Anti-Acne, Anti-Wrinkle, & Anti-Bed Head

Protect your skin! Sleeping on natural mulberry silk helps prevent acne & skin wrinkles, and keeps your hair from being a mess in the morning!


100% Anti-Bacterial

Silk is naturally 100% anti-bacterial, so it doesn't allow acne-causing bacteria to live & grow on your pillow case!


Breathable & Cooling Fabric

Silk is breathable and naturally cooling, which prevents your pillow from getting too hot & keeps you from sweating in your sleep


Important: All of our products are crafted from 100% natural mulberry silk, and are machine & washer safe